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Consulting & Coaching Services

We believe your passion for writing can be more than just a hobby. And we're willing to bet you feel the same way, too! Perhaps deep down, you've been itching to start a content writing and editing service that works directly with small-business owners on things like blogs and website copy. Maybe you want to be that steady freelance writer every newspaper and local magazine calls when they have a great story that only you can tell. Or perhaps your niche is working with authors who need ghostwriting and editing help. There are hundreds of ways to flex your creative writing muscles and build a successful freelance writing career.

But for one reason or another, you haven't done it.

With our Writing Consulting & Coaching sessions, we coach you through getting that business started. This includes practical advice, actionable step-by-step instructions, accountability, structure, and anything else we can do to help you overcome obstacles that are getting in the way of your writing career.

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Learn how to start a formal company

Maybe you’ve been writing on the side for friends and family and don’t know the first thing about DBAs, LLCs, and S Corps. Or maybe your full-time job is consuming all your time. Let’s fix that!

Find what works

You tried starting a freelance writing gig before. And when it didn’t work out like you hoped, you tweaked your approach and fell flat on your face. Now you’re convinced this isn’t the path for you. It is the path for you!

Find your confidence

You doubt yourself, make excuses, and truly believe no one will enjoy what you write and will call you a fraud. You’re scared, and deep down, you know you’re standing in your own way. You ARE a writer!

Create accountability and structure

You know a successful freelance writing career is in reach, but you need someone else guiding the way, providing structure, telling you where to invest your time, and holding you accountable. That’s us!

Get more exposure

Maybe you’ve got the business created and even have a catchy name. But you feel invisible! You don’t know how to get in front of your target audience or how to convince them that they need you. We’ve got a few ideas!

Have a writing career that's lucrative!

You believe you’ll never work a day in your life if you’re doing what you’re passionate about. But you still need to provide for your family, and you’re unsure if a writing career is sustainable. Trust us — it can be!


We’ve been in your shoes. Steve Gamel started Edit This® with nothing more than a single client, a laptop, and the belief that his dream of becoming the local writer every business owner needs would work. Did he have all the answers when he started? Absolutely not! Did he make mistakes along the way? Heck yeah! Did he have a writing consultant and coach in his corner? No. But he sure wished he did!

There were plenty of times when he felt like he was feeling his way around in the dark, but he trusted in himself and believed there’d be a net to break his fall when he ultimately took his leap of faith. Everything Steve is willing to share with you in your sessions comes from real-world experience and can be tailored to meet your unique needs as a soon-to-be freelance writing professional.

What Our Clients Say


Mike Kirkpatrick, WordMusers Copywriters

“I knew I wanted to be a writer! I knew I could write. But what I didn’t know was just how to become a writer. How do I choose a name? Do I register my new name? And where? LLC or SP? How do I promote myself? What about taxes? Luckily, I had Steve Gamel to lean on. Steve helped me with all these questions and more! I owe the success of my business to a good start. And I owe that good start to Steve Gamel!"

Easy As


Schedule a free 30-minute call

Let’s talk about where you are now, clarify where you want to be, and figure out what’s holding you back. By the end of this call, we’ll have a better idea of the next steps and whether working together is a good fit.


Get monthly support

You’ll have three 45-60-minute phone, Zoom, or in-person sessions per month, where we provide customized step-by-step instructions to keep you on track and turn your hobby into a successful freelance writing career.


Start writing for a living

By the end of your tailored writing consulting & coaching sessions, you’ll look back and wonder why you didn’t start down this path sooner! You’ll write for a living and share your passion with the world.

What Is a Writing Consultant & Coach?

In terms of our unique services, a writing consulting & coaching professional works collaboratively with a writer to help them take their passion for writing from a hobby to a successful freelance writing career. While we provide do-it-for-you writing services at Edit This®, our writing consulting & coaching sessions aren’t meant for us to be your editor, writer, or ghostwriter. Furthermore, we won’t take the steps toward small-business ownership for you. But we will coach you through the process of getting that business started, including giving you practical advice, actionable step-by-step instructions, accountability and structure, and anything else we can do to help you overcome obstacles that may pop up along the way. This can include the following action items:

  • Giving you a plan to start thinking strategically

  • Helping define your target audience

  • Figure out why you’re stuck and what’s sabotaging you

  • Tips on how to create a brand

  • Social media advice for writers

  • How to build confidence through clarity

  • Emotional support and encouragement

  • Tips and tricks to write effectively and with purpose

  • Various other best practices

  • Career-defining results

Are you interested in mastering your passion for the written word and building a successful freelance writing career you can be proud of?

Grab a copy of Steve’s inspiring book, Write Like You Mean It: Mastering Your Passion For The Written Word.

Start your writing career today!

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