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What We Do

Our content writing and editing services at Edit This® truly run the gamut. We’ve been asked to work on large projects such as blogs and providing content for website redesigns and advertorials to smaller tasks that include double-checking email communications, crafting public address announcements, and coming up with the right words for a GoFundMe page. If it involves stringing words together in a coherent sentence or ensuring what you’ve written is ready for publication, we can help.


Though I am a one-man show at times, I like to use the word "we" when referring to Edit This®. Over the years I have developed relationships with website developers, companies that offer printing and promotional products, marketing and advertising specialists, and graphic design artists. We want you to be able to come to us for anything. Read on to learn more about the specific services we offer.

Consulting & Coaching Service

Deep down, have you been itching to start a freelance writing career of your own? We can help you take your passion for writing from a hobby to a successful freelance writing career you can be proud of. Our writing consulting & coaching sessions coach you through the process of getting that business started, including giving you practical advice, actionable step-by-step instructions, accountability and structure, and anything else we can do to help you overcome obstacles that may pop up along the way.

It all starts with a free 30-minute phone call to talk about where you are now, clarify where you want to be, and figure out what’s holding you back. By the end of this call, we’ll have a better idea of the next steps and whether working together is a good fit. Click the button below to get more info. Or better yet, give us a call today.

Website Content

If your business does not have a website, how do you expect people to know what you do and find you? A website is there on the internet 24/7. It is there when you are hard at work in the office, and it's still there doing its thing after-hours when someone is shopping around for a service. If it has been set up with the right content and is easy to navigate, it becomes a clear voice to promote your services and prices, act as a landing page for client testimonials, and provide your location, any potential blogs you may write, and examples of quality work you've done. As a writer, I stress the importance of making sure your website is a clear representation of you and what you are about. If the content (words) is stilted or uninviting, that will work against you.


If you are a website developer in need of a content writer or copywriter, call Edit This®. If you are a business owner looking to redesign or create a website with fresh copy, all you have to do is call us today.


We will work with you to ensure that your website copy accurately depicts your company and what you do. We write for people, not machines. We will help you tailor your copy to answer the questions your prospective clients may have and to entice them to call you. After all, that's the purpose of a website, right?

Check Out the
Edit This  Blog

Ok, let's be honest. You are an XYZ (plumber, printer, lawyer, banker, whatever), and writing isn't really your thing. But everyone is telling you that you need to have a blog. It's true that having a blog will help increase your website traffic and convert more visitors into customers, but that doesn't mean you have to research them, write them, and edit them yourself. 
You wouldn't expect a banker to be the most efficient at wiring a house, so why would you expect an electrician to be the most efficient choice for writing a blog? Sure he could do it, but he could probably best use his time helping customers rather than figuring out what catchy title will best catch a reader's attention. Do you get the idea? So rather than trying to figure out what you're going to write about each week in your blog, give us a call. We'll have you looking like Hemingway (or at least ensure your blogs are catchy and a true representation of your knowledge as a business owner).

Newsletters are a great way to stay in touch with clients, investors, and employees. They can be casual or formal depending on your audience, your company, and your purpose. Whether you want to gather the info and determine the content or have us manage the entire process, we can keep you from being distracted from your daily business and ensure your newsletter gets out on time and within your budget.


Whether you need a second set of eyes for a smaller project or you have an entire book that you need to be edited, we can help you ensure you say it concisely and correctly. 
After 25+ years working for various newspapers and magazines, we know how to write and edit to a specific word count. Whether you need 300 words or 300,000, we can keep it organized and on track and help you meet your deadlines without blowing your budget.


Editing Proofreading

Owner Steve Gamel has spent the last 25+ years working for various newspapers and local magazines, including the Denton Record-Chronicle, Dallas Morning News, and Murray Media Group. In that time, he developed a reputation for being able to take on a wide variety of topics, from sports to human interest feature articles and hard news. In this day and age, publications like these constantly need quality and reliable journalists, writers, and editors at their fingertips.

If you own a local or national print or digital media company and need an award-winning writer and editor to add some oomph to your next assignment, give Edit This® a call. We can talk about the best way to approach your project without blowing the budget.

Freelance Writing

Press Releases are another great way to share important information that is going on with your company. Maybe you want to announce a new partnership or new hire. Or, your company won a prestigious award. Regardless of what the topic is, it can be difficult to write press releases on your own. Edit This has a wealth of experience in writing press releases that give you and your company instant exposure while helping brand you as an industry expert.

Press Release Writng

Crafting a standout resume is easier said than done. What do you put on there? How do you go beyond the obvious and highlight what makes you the best candidate? How long should it be? What are the right keywords? The answers to these questions are different for every job seeker in every career field. And if you've never written one, or it's been 20 years since you updated yours, a resume writer at Edit This could be the answer.

Resume Writing
Sports Writing

Sports Writing has been Steve Gamel's passion since he first cracked into this industry all those many years ago. Over the last 25+ years, Steve has covered everything from high school sports to college, semi-pro, and the professional level. You can even follow his daily, weekly activities on Twitter at @NewspaperSteve.

Covering sporting events is fun, but what has truly set him apart has been his ability to write to a larger audience on topics such as player safety and concussion standards at all levels of sports – not to mention the many feature stories he’s written to provide a glimpse into the lives of athletes off the field.

Sports Writing

And So Much More

As you can see, we mean it when we say we can handle anything involving the written word. Our writing services also include:

  • Advertising Copywriting

  • Book Editing & Ghostwriting

  • Speech Writing

  • Employee & Executive Bios

  • Term Papers & College Essays

And More
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