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Gamel Funny Farm Blog: My Family Says The Funniest Stuff (Vol. 3)

Updated: Jul 18, 2019

Gamel Family

When I added the Gamel Funny Farm Blog to my Edit This® blogging schedule last year, I figured it'd be a one-off post. All I wanted was to share random conversations and hilarious moments I've had with my wife and kids. But three things happened:

1. Our boys got funnier and more snarky as they grew older (go figure).

2. I got hooked on keeping track of their quirky quips and quotes on social media.

3. That first post was fairly popular, and there were readers who wanted more.

So I added a second Funny Farm post – and here I am writing a third. This has sort of taken on a life of its own and as a writer, husband, and dad, I love every second of it. What you will find below are more priceless moments I've managed to capture since Vol. 2 in April. Some are conversations and others are moments and photos.

For those who are here for the first time, our boys, Christian (10) and Jackson (5), are witty and have amazing comedic timing. On top of that, Leslie and I as parents are 10% normal and 90% goofy. When you add it all up, you have the Gamel Funny Farm.

I hope you enjoy the latest installment.

Me: "Hey, Jackson! Daddy's home."

Jackson (from the living room): "Sorry, I can't hear you. I'm watching The Incredibles."

(Immediately after Jackson accidentally stepped on Christian's computer and cracked the screen).

Me: "This is why we don't let Jackson or Mommy play with electronics. They break them. Now you know how I felt when Mommy put water on my computer a few years ago."

Christian: "I feel the same way, Dad."

(Texting and grammar with my oldest!)

Christian: "Hay, Dad!"

Me: "It's 'Hey' not 'Hay'"

Christian: "Sory."

Me: "Sorry."

Christian: "Sorry."

Me: "That's better. Love you, buddy!"

Me: "Hey, Jackson! Daddy is going to miss you when you go to Houston." Jackson: "OK."

Me: "Can I watch my show now?"

Jackson: "Daddy! Paw Patrol isn't over yet!" Me: "Ok, buddy. But when it's over, I'm turning the channel." Jackson: (starting to cry) "Daddy! No! My show still has a lot left." Me: "Buddy. I won't change the ..." Jackson: "Nooooooooooooo." Me: "I'm trying to tell you I won't change the channel until Paw Patrol is over." Jackson: "Oh. Ok."

He wanted some of my water ... because he really does believe it will make you smarter.

Christian: "Hey Dad, can I have something to eat? I'm really hungry."

Me: "Fruit and water."

Christian: "Can I have Raising Canes?"

Me: "What?! No, buddy."

Christian: "Hey Dad. Look at my new screensaver. It says, 'Hahahaha. You don't know my password."

Me: But ... I do know your password. I set it."

Christian: "Oh. Dang it!"

So there's a torrential downpour going on outside as we pull into the driveway. Jackson, our 5-year-old son, is freaking out because he hates getting rained on. The garage is full, so I tell him it's ok and to unbuckle his seat belt and stand next to the door. I'd jump out, open his door, grab him real fast, and run inside. He says "OK. I'm ready." The first 2 steps worked great ... step 3 would have worked if Jackson hadn't got scared, jumped to the other side of the backseat, and left me hanging - in the rain.

Poor little guy passed out ... and look what he missed out on! #everypartyneedsapooper

My wife seriously just said, "I kept waking myself up, so I could wake up."

At Jackson's t-ball game and the opposing team is playing walk-up music for each kid. Interesting mix of Power Rangers theme and Despacito.

Thanks for reading!

*STEVE GAMEL is the Owner/President of Edit This®, a writing and editing services company located in Denton, TX. Along with being a sports writer for the Denton Record-Chronicle, Steve handles anything involving the written word. Give him a call today to help give your business a clear voice.

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