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Gamel Funny Farm Blog: My Family Says The Funniest Stuff (Vol. 5)

Updated: Jul 18, 2019

I woke up this morning realizing it's been eight long months since I last posted a Gamel Funny Farm Blog!

How dare I wait so long.

What you'll find below is a collection of random conversations and hilarious moments I've had with my family over the last few months. Our boys, Christian (11) and Jackson (6), are witty and have amazing comedic timing. On top of that, my wife, Leslie, and I are 10 percent normal and 90 percent goofy.

When you add it all up, you have the Gamel Funny Farm.

You can imagine that as a writer, I am never at a loss for inspiration thanks to these turkeys. For everyone's convenience, I have included links to the previous four installments. You can read Vol. 1, Vol. 2, Vol. 3, and Vol. 4 to catch up.

I hope you enjoy the latest installment.

Me: "Christian is great at science but struggles at math."

Christian: "Yeah. It's hard."

Papa Ed (my dad): "That's OK, Christian. Everyone hits their stride at different times in their life. Your Daddy didn't hit his stride until he was a freshman in college – and now look at him. He's a genius."

Me: "Wow! Thanks, Dad."

Papa Ed: "Now me, on the other hand. I hit my stride at age three, and it's been a constant upward trajectory."

Me: "And ... there's the punchline."

Leslie: "Jackson, you look just like Papa Ed."

Jackson: "I do?"

Christian: "Yeah, just without all the wrinkles."

Papa Ed: "What???!!??"

(Photo description) Little man on top of the world. Christian is, well, under it.

Jackson (as he wraps his arms around my mom): "Every old person needs a hug every once in a while." Me: "Geez! Poor Mimi!"

Leslie (sending me a text message): "If you left at 6:30, you would be home right now. If you were home right now, you would be able to open the jar of pasta sauce. Now we have to wait."

(Photo description) I always tell my boys to grab life by the horns, but this is ridiculous.

(Photo description) Mad scientist ... mmuuuuhahahaha!

Jackson: "We can still be friends after you pay your dentist society!"

Me: "What?"

Jackson: "I said ... We can still be friends after you pay your dentist society."

Me: "You mean debt to society?"

Jackson: "Ok, well, Daddy ... bye."

Leslie (while getting ready for bed): "Where's my mouth guard?"

Me: "I don't know."

Leslie: "Did you take it!?!?"

Me: "Why on earth would I take that!?!"

Leslie: (after she finds it in her nightstand and puts it in) "Becausth it'sth sexthy!"

Christian: "My parents never let me save money! Every time I get money, they take it away and put it into my savings account!"

(Photo description) We have a puppy; it's a girl. Welcome to the family, Oreo!

(Photo description) When your kid asks you to play dress up so he can slay the dragon, you do it. #theglovesdontfit #carefulwiththetail

(Photo description) When the bride wants to leave already, but you're still eating.

Just got my credit card back from Leslie after a week. I'm happy to report the magnetic strip still works. #blessed

I love that my wife lovingly puts a pillow over my face while I'm sleeping each morning. It's not because she wants to smother me (although I might deserve it sometimes); she's trying to shield my eyes from the bathroom light while she gets ready for work.

Me (waking up in the morning with Leslie): "Good morning. Can I have a kissy?"

Leslie: "Yes, but you're gonna have to come over here to get it because my back hurts."

Me: "Well, shoot, my back kinda hurts, too. Let's wait on the kiss till we're both standing up."

Leslie: "Wow. We are really sad."

(Photo description) Long first day of middle school!

Thanks for reading!

*STEVE GAMEL is the President & Owner of Edit This, a writing and editing services company located in Denton, TX. Steve handles anything involving the written word. Give him a call today to help give your business a clear voice.

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