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How Do I Write My Blog Faster?

If you've read my Edit This® blog enough times, you know how important I believe blogging is – not just for small-business owners but for people who like to be creative and just write.

With that being said, I'm often asked by clients and friends, "How do I write my blog faster?"

As fun as blogs are, it can be frustrating when we spend all day writing one post. Last weekend, I spent nearly five hours working on a blog post. Granted, it was five hours of bliss – because I'm weird like that – but even I admit that's way too long.

And I'm not alone, either.

Every day, bloggers just like you are trying to answer the question, "How do I write my blog faster?" Luckily, I have an answer – well, it's more like a plan.

How do I write my blog faster? Here are 7 tips

1. Separate research and writing

If you want to write your blog faster, avoid doing your research and writing simultaneously. This leads to a lot of stopping and starting as you rotate between looking stuff up online and trying to get your thoughts written down. It's a time-waster, and many great ideas will be lost in the process. Look around the Internet, grab whatever you need (data, links to relevant info and sources, etc.), and take plenty of notes beforehand. Then start writing – and don't stop. If you need to refer back to something to firm up your writing, leave a placeholder in your writing (An "x" or highlighted words) so that you can come back and add it in at the end. Or, keep all your research tabs open in the background for easier access.

2. Create a blog schedule

A blog schedule is a calendar of blog topics that you've strategically decided on in advance. There are plenty of benefits to having a schedule, the biggest of which is that you always know what you are going to write about. A schedule also helps keep you focused and on-task so that you always have that amount of time built into your routine. When you've settled on several topics ahead of time, and you've built in the time to write, you will do so with confidence and speed.

3. Use pen and paper

I wrote a blog post last year about why using a pen and paper first can be good for writers. And even today, it's a perfect tip for those asking, "How do I write my blog faster?" Before you fire up the laptop, I've found over the years that I can write down entire articles or just collect my thoughts, jot down an outline, and even do a little freewriting without worrying about typos, missing commas, or the pressure of formal writing. The majority of what I’ve written over the years has been crafted in a notebook first, and I’ve found it to be a mighty powerful tool in helping make the writing process easier – and faster.

4. Eliminate distractions

I don't know about you, but it takes me longer to write a blog when my phone is constantly ringing, pressing emails or text messages need to be answered, kids are screaming in the background, or the lure of social media is calling my name. Something that helps me write my blog faster is picking a time during the day when I can write uninterrupted. This may be early in the morning or late at night. It may be different for you, but find something that gives you the peace and quiet necessary to write your blog.

5. Don't worry about editing and formatting

People who struggle to write their blog faster are often the same people who are picking out engaging photos and GIFs, formatting their posts, editing, adding in keywords and backlinks, etc. at the same time as they write. While these are important steps to any blog post, they drag down the writing process. So stop making it harder on yourself. Write first, then worry about the other stuff that makes your post look pretty and perform at its best.

6. Write like you talk

Writing a blog post that readers can relate to and understand is critical. Share your knowledge and sell yourself as an authority, but word things so that you don't lose people after two sentences. I compare blog writing to carrying on a conversation with a friend. It should flow and be straightforward – just like you talk. Things like heavy jargon, big words, and confusing language only make each post more time-consuming.

7. Hire someone to write it for you

If you don't have the time to write, hire a professional writer and blogger to do it for you. Edit This is the local blogger every small-business owner needs. We can write copy from scratch or spruce up what you came up with.

Click here to learn more about Steve Gamel and Edit This.

Call Edit This for all your blogging needs

I'm not suggesting that every blog post that I write comes out fast. Some blog posts naturally take a little longer – regardless of how much pre-work I do. More often than not, though, the steps I listed in this blog post do work.

Give the steps above a try and see if it helps you write your blog faster. And if all else fails, give Edit This a call. Business owners often understand the importance of blogs and aren't afraid of running out of great ideas. They just don't have the time to do it.

So let us write it for you.

*STEVE GAMEL is the President & Owner of Edit This, a writing and editing services company located in Denton, TX. Steve handles anything involving the written word. Give him a call today to help give your business a clear voice.

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