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Your vs. You're: Why is it so hard?

I had the privilege of doing a short Zoom presentation this week for students at the University of North Texas. The topic: your vs. you're.

On paper, this might sound like an easy lesson to grasp. But this is the one grammar mistake I continue to see everywhere. It doesn't matter if it's included in a text message, social media post, a magazine or newspaper article, or in a class assignment – the confusion over when to use your or you're wages on seemingly without an end in sight.

Luckily, I am the type of person who loves to educate! So let's take another look at this.

Your vs. You're – Do you know when to use each one?

Your is a possessive adjective. It shows possession. We use it ONLY when talking about something a person has or owns.

* Is that your cat?

* Can I borrow your truck?

* Your presentation was funny and informative!

* That is your car at the bottom of the pool.

You’re is a contraction. It is nothing more than an abbreviation of “you” and “are.”

You’re making me mad!

I know what you’re thinking.

I think what you’re doing is great.

You’re awake because this presentation is awesome!

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