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6 Reasons To Hire Edit This as a Coach To Help Grow Your Writing Business

Many writers and editors who want to grow their new writing business the right way hire a business coach to help guide them on their unique journey. Ideally, this coach or consultant has owned companies before, is willing to share best practices, and has been up and down the road enough times that their insight would undoubtedly set others up for future success.

If you're on the fence about asking for help, we're here to tell you that it is absolutely worth the time and expense – regardless of who you choose to be in your corner.

Just make sure your coach has experience in the writing and editing industry.

While there are plenty of general business coaches and consultants to choose from – all of whom know what it takes to grow and scale a business – having a coach (like Steve Gamel at Edit This®) who is also a writer and editor means you're teaming with someone who:

* Has been in your shoes before

* Knows what's going through your mind right now

* Understands your creative spirit

* Can offer targeted insight ... and ...

* Knows what it takes to grow a thriving writing business

Have you started a writing business, or are you at least thinking about it? Our consulting and coaching services are geared toward writers because we've been in your shoes and want to see you succeed! Call Steve today at 469-360-3611 or send an email to

6 Reasons To Hire Edit This as a Coach To Help Grow Your Writing Business!

1. Create Accountability and Structure

You know a successful freelance writing career is within reach. With that said, you need someone to help guide the way, provide structure, identify goals and create a plan to achieve them, and tell you where to invest your time. This is someone you can connect with regularly to evaluate progress and hold you accountable to a higher standard for the quality of the content you're producing, the way you conduct yourself with clients, etc.

2. Help You Find Your Confidence

For one reason or another, you keep doubting yourself. Your confidence is up and down – even when you experience success – and you keep creating these weird self-imposed limits. As a result, you feel like you're standing in your own way. The best coach to help you find your confidence is another writer and editor! We get each other and can help process feelings thoughtfully and productively.

3. Help You Get Started!

You're confident in your abilities but don't know how to get started. Maybe you’ve been writing on the side for friends and family and don’t know the first thing about DBAs, LLCs, and S Corps. Or perhaps your full-time job is consuming all your time. The right writing business coach serves as your compass to explain all these confusing business formation issues and ensure you're heading in the right direction.

4. Increase Your Exposure

Maybe you’ve got the business created and even have a catchy name. But you feel invisible! You don’t know how to get in front of your target audience or how to convince them that they need you. We’ve got ideas – maybe you need to cast a wider net (or a smaller one) ... or maybe the problem is that your sales message isn't resonating how you hoped. A business coach who has walked in your shoes can see your deficiencies in ways you can't and provide valuable, constructive criticism and insight into what might work better.

5. Open your Mind to New Habits, Ideas

The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. You may be successful right now, but a quality writing business coach will open your mind to new habits, ideas, and best practices – things you may never have thought of before – that could instantly take your company to even greater heights.

6. Keep You on the Right Track

Everything mentioned above is great when you're just starting your writing business. But the goal is to keep living your dream career for years and years to come. One of the biggest benefits of hiring a writing business coach and working with them long-term is that they can help keep you on the right track.

Need Some Writing Business Tips? Call Edit This!

I feel an incredible sense of responsibility to share with other writers and editors who are just starting out on their own what worked for me, what didn't, what I wish I did differently, and everything in between. This way, they can start their writing business faster and with more confidence than I ever had all those many years ago.

A writing consulting and coaching professional works collaboratively with a writer to help take their passion for writing from a hobby to a successful freelance writing career. We aren’t your editor, writer, ghostwriter, or second set of eyes, and we won’t take the steps toward small-business ownership for you. But we will coach you through getting that business started, including giving you practical advice, actionable step-by-step instructions, accountability and structure, and anything else we can do to help you overcome obstacles that may pop up.

Everything starts with a FREE 30-minute call. From there, you’ll have three 45-60-minute phone, Zoom, or in-person sessions per month, where we provide customized step-by-step instructions to keep you on track and turn your hobby into a successful writing business.

There are hundreds of ways to flex your creative writing muscles and build a successful freelance writing business. And we want to help.

Thank you for reading!

STEVE GAMEL is the President & Owner of Edit This®, a writing and editing services company in Denton, TX. He is also a consultant and coach and the author of Write Like You Mean It: Mastering Your Passion for the Written Word. Steve handles anything involving the written word. Give him a call today to help give your business a clear voice.

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