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51 Words That Are Hard To Spell

As I mentioned before, I'm competing in an adult spelling bee on April 5. It's for charity, of course. But given my career path as a writer and editor for the past 26 years, there's extra pressure on me and my team to master every word – especially those that are hard to spell.

Thankfully, we've been holding study sessions here and there in preparation for our big day on stage. And we're confident in our ability to spell anything.

That said, I'd be lying if I said this is easy.

Sitting here and typing words on a keyboard is one thing.

It's entirely different to stand on stage and do the same thing. My teammates and I have found ourselves carefully sounding each word out slowly and using our outstretched arms to "air spell" – as if we were handwriting each word into thin air.

It's a dorky tactic, but it works when dealing with words that are hard to spell.

51 Words That Are Hard To Spell

We've been studying a lot, and here are 51 words we've found hard to spell when the pressure is on. What did we leave out?

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