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What Blogging With Edit This Looks Like

Updated: Jul 18, 2019


Small-business owners who want to blog but admit they need help getting started or staying consistent often ask what that blogging process looks like if they hire a professional blogger at Edit This®. 

The answer is we write it for you.

* No more coming up with ideas by yourself

* No more juggling daily tasks with blogging

* No more ineffective, error-riddled content

Your blogs are written by an expert who knows the business of blogging, can capture your voice and help your company stand out online, and can likely crank out two or three blog posts in the time it takes you to write one.

Not bragging, but just sayin'!

Our blog clients read what we've created and say, "That reads exactly how I would have said it – only better! How did you do that?"

Here's what the blogging process looks like

Step 1: We get to know you and your business

Blogs help your company stand out, show your personality, spark engagement, and share pearls of wisdom along the way. An Edit This blogger meets with you in person to get to know you, your business, and the "why" behind what you do. We ask questions so we can understand your goals, ideal customer, products and services, and tone and voice to produce blogging content that is unique to you and no one else.

We don't want your blog to sound like us. We want it to look like you wrote it. We may need to spend more time together initially, but as we get to know one another and write more content, the process becomes seamless with minimal input or edits on your end.

Step 2: We help determine your blog schedule

There are numerous benefits to sticking to a consistent blogging schedule, but many business owners can't because they have a million other things to do. So they end up knocking out a blog post or two, then go three weeks or more before posting another.

Many of the clients we meet with don't know how often they should post, so we educate them on their options (every day, every week, twice a week, every other week, etc.) and determine what works best for their business.

Step 3: The writing process begins

This is where we flex our writing muscles. We will work with you to prepare a list of exciting topics or come up with them on our own. We will do all the necessary research, combined with our interviews with you, and craft quality posts that are search-engine friendly and include relevant links within each post.

Once we write each post, we'll give you a chance to review it. This allows you to be still involved in the process and provide critical input on anything missing without having to do all the heavy lifting yourself.

By partnering with us as the writer, all the business owner has to worry about is posting the content once they approve it. In some cases, we'll even post it for them.

Call Edit This in Denton, TX for help with your next blog

If you haven't pulled the trigger on starting a blog for your business because you're worried about not having the time or resources to do it on your own, call Edit This.

We are a writing and editing service, and we help business owners just like yourself who may not have the time to add one more task to the to-do list. We bring your posts to life, whether we write them for you or take what you've crafted and spice it up to make sure it's clear, engaging, and error-free. 

The best part is we bring to the table more than 20 years of award-winning writing and editing experience, and we are local. That means we meet with you in person and learn everything about what you do and why you do it.

Thanks for reading!

*STEVE GAMEL is the President & Owner of Edit This, a writing and editing services company located in Denton, TX. Steve handles anything involving the written word. Give him a call today to help give your business a clear voice.

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