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7 Unexpected Ways To Use A Professional Writer

When talking to clients about our writing and editing services, I like to say we handle anything involving the written word. That's because while blogs and website copy are obvious projects people need help with, they may not realize the unexpected ways to use a professional writer.

Here are ways Edit This® can help as a content writer or copywriter that may surprise you:

7 unexpected ways to use a professional writer

1. Video scripts

One of the best examples of unexpected ways to use a professional writer comes from a client of ours, Lena. She thought having a script for her next video would be better than "winging it" – until she tried to get her thoughts on paper. Within an hour, we took a few ideas she struggled to write down and turned them into an engaging 4-minute video script.

The moral to the story is a professional writer can help you explore different types of media. That includes being a content writer for a YouTube or Facebook Live video, or a podcast.

2. Repurpose old content

Professional writers are masters at taking old material and recycling it into something new and different. This includes everything from retooling outdated website content to taking blog posts you wrote four years ago and either writing a follow-up or approaching the topic from a new angle. Writers can even help repurpose old blogs into a presentation or email to clients.

3. Get you published

Small-business owners are asked all the time to share their knowledge as subject matter experts in magazines and other online and print publications. Maybe you're a lawyer who can speak to the hidden expenses that come with getting a divorce and how to avoid them. Or, perhaps you're a roofer who wants to help homeowners avoid pitfalls.

You can improve your chances of getting published and avoid adding more to your to-do list by hiring a content writer to ghostwrite well-written, high-quality content in your voice.

4. Those tricky emails

This is one of those unexpected ways to use a professional writer that even I didn't realize would be a big part of what I do until a few months ago. At some point, you're going to sit down to write an important email. Maybe it's to your boss, a teacher, a disgruntled customer, or a hiring manager – and you're worried about coming across as rude, desperate, or annoying. Why beat yourself over the head when you can call a professional writer?

I've had clients and friends stop me to have me look at tricky emails. Being able to tweak a few things and give them peace of mind is truly liberating.

5. Resumes

Crafting a standout resume is easier said than done. What do you put on there? What do you leave off? What are the right keywords? How do you know it's grammatically correct? The answers to these questions are different for every job hunter in every career field. If you've never written a resume, or it's been 20 years since you updated yours, hiring a professional writer for your resume may be the answer.

6. Term papers and college admissions essays

The student in your house writes term papers and essays all the time, especially as they get closer to college-age and need to begin applying for schools. A content writer and editor is an extra set of eyes to clean up grammatical errors and flesh out ideas to make the piece stronger. We've helped students at all grade levels give their writing more substance.

7. Consulting

A professional writer is an outsider who comes in with a fresh perspective and generates ideas that can take your existing content or copy from boring and unreadable to insightful and engaging. Professional writers have lots of ideas to share, even if you prefer to write the material on your own. They can help you reach a new audience in ways you never imagined simply by having a conversation over a cup of coffee.

Expect the unexpected with Edit This

Edit This offers individuals and small-business owners a bottomless well of content creation. Beyond what's mentioned above, unexpected ways to use a professional writer at Edit This includes GoFundMe pages, public address announcements, customer letters, corporate bios, headline writing, advertorials, speech writing, and so much more.

We say we handle anything involving the written word, and we mean it! Whether you need us to write content from scratch or put a better spin on what you've written, we are the local writing and editing partner every business owner needs.

Thanks for reading!

*STEVE GAMEL is the President & Owner of Edit This, a writing and editing services company located in Denton, TX. Steve handles anything involving the written word. Give him a call today to help give your business a clear voice.

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