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Why Is Having Well-Written Copy So Important For My Website?

People ask me all the time, "why is having well-written copy so important for my website?" The answer is that your website isn't complete without it.

You could have the most current and expertly designed site in your industry, with visually pleasing photos and every bell and whistle imaginable. But if you didn't bother to include well-written copy (words) to explain what you do and share your story, the site will fall short.

  • Visitors will struggle to find you in search results.

  • When they do find you, they won't stay long.

  • You'll miss your target audience.

  • You won't give people a reason to do business with you.

I see websites where the business owner clearly put all their time and energy into images and design and totally neglected the text (website copy). They end up with the equivalent of a high-performance sports car with no engine ... or the best running shoes with no laces.

What does well-written copy look like?

Steve Gamel, President & Owner of Edit This

At Edit This®, I stress the importance of making sure your website is a clear representation of you and what makes your business different. That means having text that is a clear voice to promote your products and services and also show your personality. Well-written copy takes your site from flat and uninspiring to outstanding and impactful. If the copy is stilted or uninviting, that works against you.

Well-written copy is:

1. Unique – Too many businesses mimic their competitors' websites or rely on standard text that can be found anywhere. Why sound like everyone else? Write unique website copy – it will help you create an unmistakable brand.

2. Engaging – Have fun and build relationships. The more engaging you are with your choice of words, the more potent that content becomes.

3. Keyword-focused – Your website copy and content such as your blogs must include keywords that customers regularly search for, but overdoing it makes your writing sound stilted, sales heavy, disingenuous, and flat-out difficult to read.

4. Value-added – This is content that gets people's attention and is both informational and solves a problem. Congrats on your amazing website, but if you're not continually updating it with solutions to what people search for, what's the point?

5. Clear and error-free – Any spelling or grammar error in business writing (brochures, advertisements, your website, blogs, press releases, newsletters, a postcard, etc.) wreak havoc on your company's image. You want to ensure all your website copy is error-free.

6. Organized – All copy is evenly distributed throughout the site and is in its proper place. Text that is out of place or duplicated from page to page destroys the user experience.

Call Edit This for all your website copy needs

You could take the time to learn to write well-written copy yourself. But why do that when you can call Edit This? I believe there is an art to writing website copy, and on top of that, most business owners struggle with writing about themselves and their company.

If you are a website developer in need of a copywriter, call Edit This. If you are a business owner looking to redesign or create a website with well-written copy, we can help.

If you'd like to learn more about what our website copywriting process looks like, click here.

If you'd like to check out some of our website copy work, click here.

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