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A Reminder of the Type of Writing and Editing We Do Here at Edit This

Whether you've utilized our writing and editing services before, or you've stumbled on us for the first time and are curious, I'd like to remind everyone of what we do here at Edit This®.

What is Edit This?

Companies like yours want to communicate with clients, spark engagement, and build trusting relationships, and one of the best ways to do that is with unique and authentic written content. The only problem is that most entrepreneurs don't have time to write and edit their own stuff (blogs, press releases, etc.), or they struggle with getting ideas on paper.

That's where we come in! Edit This specializes in producing written copy that explains your passion, promotes your products and services, and helps you stand out. We bring more than 24 years of content writing and copywriting experience to the table so that you don't have to worry about writing and editing your own stuff.

Our list of services include:

  • Website copy

  • Blogs

  • Ghostwriting

  • Press Releases

  • Editing, Proofreading, Copy Editing

  • Newsletters

  • Emails

  • Employee bios

  • Speech writing

  • Social media consulting

  • Writing and editing consulting

  • And so much more ...

We also help the average Joe or Jane – perhaps you're a student in need of an extra set of eyes to look over that term paper or a business professional who needs an updated resume and cover letter. We like to say we handle anything involving the written word.

If staring at a blank computer screen is not your idea of bliss, call Steve at Edit This!

My name is Steve Gamel, and I am the President & Owner of Edit This. I am an award-winning journalist who brings to the table more than 24 years of experience as both a writer and editor. My work has been published in newspapers such as the Denton Record-Chronicle and Dallas Morning News. I also freelance for several community magazines.

I have been recognized by the Texas Associated Press Managing Editors and the Associated Press Sports Editors. Edit This was voted Best Writing and Editing Service and Best Blogger in the Best of Denton County awards in each of the last four years.

I am also involved in my community and do whatever I can to get out from behind my desk to meet new and amazing people.

Though I am mostly a one-person show, I use the word "we" with Edit This. Over the years, I have developed relationships with website developers, companies that offer printing and promotional products, marketing and advertising specialists, other freelance writers, and graphic design artists. This is all to create a turnkey product for everyone.

Why hire Edit This?

I've found that most business owners don't have the time to write or double-check their work. In some cases, they freely admit they are not good writers. This leads to mistakes in grammar or an important message that doesn't come across the way they hoped it would.

Business owners might say they can't afford to hire a professional writer or editor. I say that they can't afford NOT to.

Our services here at Edit This truly run the gamut. I've been asked to double-check email communications and craft public address announcements. I've even helped a few clients come up with the right words for their GoFundMe page.

Now that you have read this blog, I invite you to look at the rest of this website to learn more about Edit This. If you're not sure if what you need fits what I do, give me a call anyway.

It's worth a conversation, right?

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