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30 Common Words That Are Really Hard to Spell

Even the best writers admit certain words are really hard to spell. No matter how often we use them in everyday writing, we routinely have to spell them out slowly as we type or even resort to double-checking ourselves with spell-check or a quick online search.

Even then, we still aren't confident that we got it right.

Some words are just confusing like that, especially those that sound like they should be spelled a different way, have weird letter combinations, or feel like they have a few too many letters. Even after all these years as a professional writer and editor, there are more words out there that I stumble on than I care to admit.

While not an exhaustive list, here are 30 examples.

30 Common Words That Are Really Hard to Spell

  1. Accommodate

  2. Liaison

  3. Connoisseur

  4. Privilege

  5. Acquaintance

  6. Maintenance

  7. Nauseous

  8. Rhythm

  9. Indict

  10. Vacuum

  11. Minuscule

  12. Supersede

  13. Available

  14. Parallel

  15. Entrepreneur

  16. Acknowledgment

  17. Ingenious

  18. Epitome

  19. Mischievous

  20. Separate

  21. Bureaucracy

  22. Silhouette

  23. Pharaoh

  24. Occurred

  25. Conscience

  26. Occasionally

  27. Conscientious

  28. Questionnaire

  29. Eczema

  30. Handkerchief

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