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Edit This Roundup: All Our Fun Posts About Writing And Editing

Not every blog or article about writing and editing needs to be serious. I think we have proved that over the years with a variety of posts that hopefully have made you giggle at least a few times. If anything, at least it shows just how much we love what we do for a living.

Below is a roundup of all our fun posts about writing and editing. Enjoy!

Everyone loves a good joke. For example: what dinosaur is a writer's best friend? A Thesaurus!! Read this post and share it with your favorite writer.

I found a ton more than what is listed in this post, but here are four songs about writing and editing. Some are parody videos, while others are classics.

There is nothing educational or boring about this post. Just a few random GIFs about writing, editing, and grammar. Who doesn't need a good laugh?

The fun part about this post is that I didn't go the easy route by stealing a few fun memes about writing and editing off the Internet. Nooooo ... I created them myself. Enjoy!

Working on a few writing pieces and need to get into the holiday spirit? Read this fun post.

As soon as my wife showed me our oldest son's letter, I began squirming in my chair. His letter had 83 words in it – with just two periods. There wasn't even a true list of toys for poor Santa to quickly scan through... just one giant blob paragraph.

Okay, so I definitely re-used a bunch of writing and editing memes from across the Internet for this post. And they're pretty darn funny, too.

For my fellow writers out there, here are 20 of my favorite quotes about writing. Most of these I found on popular sites like BrainyQuote and Goodreads.

We posted them not to poke fun (that's a lie ... but I'm sure you've done the same thing), but rather point out that everyone should be more careful. Here are just a few of our favorites.

Thanks for reading!

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