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I'm Writing My First Book, And I Totally Should Have Done This Sooner

I have an announcement. Well, sort of.

I'm writing my first book. The first draft is already complete, and I've been handing it over to family and a few close friends for an honest review. Who knows; you may be next!

I started it in January, and God willing, it will be published this year.

Now, you're probably thinking, "Congrats! What's the book about? Tell us more!" Well, that's the "sort of" part that I mentioned earlier. While I'm sharing the book with a few people here and there, I'm not ready to divulge to the world what it's about just yet. I know that's probably a copout. And you're right. It's just one of those books that could change quite a bit over the next few months. After one colleague's review, I've already added a full chapter to fill some holes. I just don't want to jinx anything by saying too much too soon.

What I can tell you is that I am super excited, and the journey to finishing the book has shown me that I totally should have done this sooner. As much as I have written some pretty neat stuff over the years, including editing and ghostwriting books for a few clients, writing my own book is the one thing I haven't done yet.

I previously started on a few ideas; in fact, I tried writing Sci-Fi books (that's not what this book is, by the way) when I was a kid. But they all sounded too much like Star Wars, and I never got past the few chapters.

Over the years, my mom nagged me to write something – even if it was a children's book (also ... not what this book is about). It wasn't that I didn't want to. I just needed to find something that I wanted to write about – and that people will read.

When it's finally unveiled, I hope that you'll agree it was worth the wait.

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Thanks for reading!

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