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A Look Back: 12 Of Our Favorite Blog Posts From 2019

Edit This, Writing & Editing Services and Denton, TX

At Edit This®, we talk a lot about the importance of giving your small business a voice. One of the best ways to do that while also building relationships with your readers is with blogs, and boy did we lead by example in 2019!

We added 52 new entries to our library of blog posts this past year. It was a tough decision, but here are 12 of our favorite blog posts from 2019.

Simply click on the individual green-colored links to take you to each article.


More and more business owners recognize the importance of blogging, but some are so new to it that they don't know where to publish them and what to do beyond that. Without getting technical, here's a 3-step guide on what to do after you write a blog post.

website designers and copywriters

There are plenty of website designers and developers who will make your website look great. But to drive results, your website needs strong content, and that may not be your web guy's strong suit. That's where we come in.

local writer

Edit This isn't the only writing and editing services company out there. However, the fact that we are so close to home and offer the versatility to tackle everything from blogs to website copy, press releases, and more is a major selling point.

happy writer

Writers can be even better when we put pen to paper or fingers to keyboard if we focus first on being happy. Being mentally, physically, and emotionally happy helps writers in a variety of ways. We had a lot of fun with this blog post, so click the link above.

If you're a writer with a laundry list of projects to keep up with, giving up even one or two days of productivity isn't always in the cards. Not only must you keep writing, but you need to churn out quality content everyone loves. So how do you keep writing while you're sick?

writing obstacles

This was a fun post because of the many readers and visitors who helped contribute to the content. Here are a few ideas and words of wisdom that some of our readers came up with, and the occasional response, tip, and resource link from yours truly.

tips for writers

While trying to edit your own writing for style, tone, structure, and substance aren't ideal, it's not impossible, either. If you prefer to edit your own writing, or you don't have a choice in the matter, here are 6 tips to ensure what you publish is the best it can possibly be.

While blogs and website copy are obvious projects people need help with, they may not realize the unexpected ways to use a professional writer. Here's how we help as a content writer or copywriter that may surprise you.

Building a blog that people can't wait to read takes time. You may be doing everything right, but if you just started a few weeks ago, you can't expect to have hundreds of unique followers already. Here are 8 reasons why no one reads your blog and how to change that.

writing and editing

We had a lot of fun with this blog post. Click the link to read fun examples of how to write employee bios that will instantly win over your team.

fun with writing

I've said before that we should do what we are passionate about. I mean, who wants to spend every day doing something they hate? I hit the jackpot when I became a professional writer 22 years ago. Here are 53 reasons why I love being a writer.

ghostwriter for hire

Hiring a ghostwriter is a great way to get your scattered ideas or memoirs into book form and published faster than you might be able to do on your own. We got a ton of feedback on this blog post. Click above to learn more about how we can help you with your next big idea.


writing about family

What better way to close out 2019 – and look forward to 2020 – than to share a blog post about my family? The best part about this blog post is that when you click on it, it also includes links to the previous five installments. Enjoy and laugh yourself into 2020!

Call Edit This for all your writing and editing needs

Edit This® is a writing and editing services company in Denton, TX. We specialize in producing written and error-free copy that explains your passion, promotes your products and services, and helps you stand out.

Our list of services include:

* Website copy

* Blogs

* Ghostwriting

* Press Releases

* Editing

* Newsletters

* Resumes

* And so much more

Whether you need us to write content from scratch or put a better spin on what you've written, we are the local writing and editing partner every business owner needs.

Thanks for reading!

*STEVE GAMEL is the President & Owner of Edit This, a writing and editing services company located in Denton, TX. Steve handles anything involving the written word. Give him a call today to help give your business a clear voice.

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